Angry Wema Sepetu blasts Kenyan radio station for saying this about her and Harmonize

Wema is fed up

Angry Wema Sepetu blasts Kenyan radio station for saying this about her and Harmonize

Bongo movie actress Wema Sepetu is sick and tired of people who always address her as “Diamond’s EX” whenever they write or say something about her.

On Friday, an angry Ms Sepetu fired at tough warning at Kenya’s Classic 105, asking them to refrain from writing her stories if they can’t address her with a respectable title.

This comes after Wema hosted Konde Music CEO Harmonize on her cooking show, whom they also referred to as ‘Diamond’s nemesis’ a thing that did not impress the actress.

Mnikome please

“I hate this post. Alafu @classic105Kenya hizi mambo za kuniandika ex ex mnikome please… I’m the former Miss Tanzania and an award winning actress, a beauty icon… an entrepreneur who owns her own Application that is currently doing so wwell. So please tuheshimiane…ex ex kama hamwezi andika bila kuweka ex… Don’t write my stories” warned Wema Sepetu.

Earlier on, the former Miss Tanzania had put up photos announcing that Harmonize will be gracing her cooking show.

“Week Hii nitakuwa Na TEMBO Jikoni kwangu... Kijana mpole huyu, mstaarabu, ana heshima na nidhamu... Nimepata kuyafahamu mengi sana niliokuwa nayajua na mengine sikuwahi hata kujua... It was NIIIIIIIIICE....😊😊😊 Fanya ku-Download na ku-Subscribe App yetu pendwa now... Usingoje kuhadithiwa... Nilikuwa na Shem Lake..... Balaa kabisa... “Kwa haraka haraka unahisi tulipika nn siku hio na Mmakonde wangu...??? 🤔🤔🤔 cc @harmonize_tz @harmonize_tz @harmonize_tz shared Ms Sepetu.

This is what prompted the local radio station to cover Ms Sepetu story via their Website; attracting the bitter rant from the actress.


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