At times I feel this country doesn’t deserve our talents- Rapper Octopizzo

May I get blessed to the level that I could be able to assist her- Octopizzo

Rapper Octopizzo

Rapper Henry Ohanga alias Octopizzo has expressed displeasure in the manner in which people who fly the Kenyan Flag are not appreciated and accorded the treatment they deserve.

A disappointed Octopizzo lashed out at the government for neglecting a good number of heroes who fought hard to ensure Kenya achieved great results in different fields, but they ended up in abject poverty.

In his statement, the Number Nane Finest said that sometimes he feels like this country doesn’t deserve all the talents it has.


“Am just going to say it coz most of you out here don’t have enough balls to say. At times I feel this country doesn’t deserve our talents, Conjestina is & will always be a legend. How Githeri man got all that VIP treatment for standing in line with Nyoyo.

Yet our siz Conje after representing this country worldwide can’t even afford good medical health care. #Awuoro May I get blessed to the level that I could be able to assist her in the smallest ways possible. @RailaOdinga Do you ever see this ? #MoreLifeConje we shall Overcome. #Don said Octopizzo.

Octo added that, “This is not a “celebrity” she is human and a county icon before being a celeb this country owes her. Not everything is always about Celebration status, that’s status is for advocacy more than anything. Get your priorities together.”

Conjestina Achieng’s health

Octopizzo’s statement comes as a reaction to an update given by media personality Carol Radull on the former Boxer Conjestina Achieng’s health.

Radull visited the former Boxer at their home in Yala, reporting that she has lost a lot of weight but physically, she is still strong.

“A few days ago @floradull and I visited Conjestina Achieng at her family home in Yala. She has been top of my mind since covid struck since so many sports people are struggling (more than usual) at this time. She has lost a lot of weight but physically she is still strong.

She is however very angry at what she feels is a system that abandoned her at her time of need. She repeatedly said how she was on top of the world, represented Kenya but felt a lack of recognition. In her humble hut; what struck me most was a shrine she had put up for silverware - shields and belts; her only reminder of what she used to mean to the country,” reads part of Radull’s post.


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