Singer speaks on most expensive gift a man has given her and why she rejected it

There is this common misconception that the easiest way to a girl’s heart or pants is flaunting your wealth and offering her expensive gifts.


When asked about the most expensive gift she had been offered she revealed it was a gift worth at least 6 figures and asked why she rejected it, Avril had some interesting answers to give. This was during a live session with Mpasho on Instagram.

Here are a few things she said on the hour long session:

On the most expensive present she has ever been offered:

There is a man who wanted to buy me a car but I can’t accept such kind of gifts, because when he gets you a house, he can come walk in, if it’s a car he can just take it. I try hard not to tie myself to such kinds of commitments especially when I’m not sure of what kind of a relationship we have or what its leading to.

On whether she would she date Timi who she was spotted having fun with during a Kaka empire event:

I wouldn’t date Timi, we got to bond a lot and he is quite intellectual. He is very sharp, you can even hear it from his lyrics. He is very sharp and he came with a different style of music.

On the Burna Boy issue

Our fans and everyone have this East vs. West Africa thing going on. West Africans think we are lazy, and East Africans feel that we over exalt West Africans. I don’t think killing this beef will ever happen as long as West Africans outnumber East Africans.

Today Avril was back at Radio Africa where she had a meeting with Caroline Mutoko to finalise their partnership for her ‘Homecoming concert’ in Nakuru. "I aspire to be everything she is  ... Queen Caroline @caroline.mutoko .. thank you Radio Africa for your partnership with #HomeComing #HomeComingLoading” She wrote after posting this selfie.


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