Bahati’s response after wife Diana asked for baby number 3

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Bahati’s response after wife Diana asked for baby number 3

Singer and EMB Records boss Kevin Bahati responded to his wife Diana Marua saying that he is not ready to have another child because God has already blessed them with enough kids.

His response came after Ms Marua in her Diana Bahati vlog asked that they have another child because she wants to get done with having kids.

I know we’ve had this conversation before and I was just thinking about it the other day, it’s been on my mind and I want us to have another baby. Najua tumepata watoi wakifuatana na sitaki tena kukuambia hii story three years, five years down the line. Mimi nataka tupate mtoi tumalizane,” said Diana Marua.

Bahati then said that God has blessed them with enough children and that since they started having children they have not given themselves a break to have some good time together as a couple.

We are not talking about this. Si tulimaliza. There’s nothing like uniambie hii story five years down the line. God has blessed us with enough kids babe…I’m not ready kulalanga usiku kama silali. We have not given ourselves a break si tutachizi… sahii hata hatukuangi na our perfect time, sasa kama watoto wamejaa kwa nyumba hadi Heaven analala katikati yetu,” said Bahati.

When Diana insisted that they must have another child, Bahati said he was wondering how they will have the child because the only time they get intimate is when he wants to get intimate.

He went ahead to tell Diana that she cannot focus on the kids and forget the husband which is how they got themselves into that problem.

You see even me I have a problem sijui huyu mtoto atapatikana aje because my problem right now, I don’t know how to bring it out, I’m lacking the right words… a baby amacome out of a happy relationship, of course I’m happy but a satisfied relationship sawa. I’m saying ile time niko kwa mood wewe hauko kwa mood na most of the time ni mimi niko kwa mood. Most of the time s when we get intimate, it’s me who initiates the process,” said Bahati.


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