Best Celebrity Photo shoots of 2018

These stood out in 2018!

Best Celebrity Photo shoots of 2018 (Instagram)

Best Celebrity Photo shoots of 2018 (Instagram)

However, people now live in a ‘more enlightened age’ and almost every aspect of our lives is complemented by a photo shoot.

It was initially thought to be a celebrity thing but it’s now scaling down almost every common mwananchi out there.

Most celebrities like to show their lives and they would have photo shoots for engagements, baby bumps, baby showers, birthdays and so forth.

However, today we shall direct our energy to celebrities who had the most outstanding family photo shoots in 2018.

1. Nameless and Wahu

2. Bahati and Diana Marua

3. King Kaka and Nana Owiti

4. Sosuun and Kenrazy

5. Avril with son

6. Mwende Macharia with son


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