Betty Kyallo reveals the biggest lessons she learnt after controversial Posh Palace business venture

Take notes.

This was her second stab at the salon business after she parted ways rather controversially with her former business partner at Posh Palace, Susan Kaitanny.

Now that she was alone, Betty Kyallo was thrown into the deep end and she had to learn to swim to survive.

And it was through this baptism by fire that she learnt some very big business lessons, lessons that she shared with Hustle Magazine.

The gorgeous news anchor disclosed that she learnt to make huge financial sacrifices, sometimes at the expense of her daughter. The fancy shopping trips, the trips to exotic places were put on pause. Her savings were used up and she also dug into a kitty that she had set aside for her daughter, a decision she says was very painful.

“I leveraged on my savings, making personal sacrifices such as forgoing a holiday or extensive shopping. I even had to make some painful decisions, such as using cash that I’d saved up for my daughter just to get Flair by Betty off the ground,” She told the magazine.

Betty also learnt that women are a great investment when it comes to businesses “I’d already put my hand in this industry and knew that you can’t go wrong with a product that targets women. Most of us want to look good and will do anything to achieve the look we want. I simply created a homely place where my customers can spend quality time,” She told Hustle Magazine.

Betty Kyallo disclosed that it’s important to follow your her heart despite your fears and detractors. The news anchor revealed that she was so heartbroken when some of her family members bashed her idea but she trudged on.

“As a young person venturing into the big league of business, I had my apprehensions. Like many others, I was fearful that I would fail. On the other hand, I told myself that you can’t fail in business if you’ve never tried. So I needed to look at my idea critically. I scrutinised it and analysed the smallest of details. I demolished the idea and reconstructed it. I enlisted the help of my family, who actually tore up my idea. There were times I was heartbroken. In the end, however, I found a formula that worked. If you are young and thinking that you can’t hack it, call on the people you trust without exposing your ideas to those who might work against it, ”Betty advised.


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