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Isn’t love supposed to be gentle and kind - Betty Kyallo handles suitor

Betty Kyallo admitted that this was a first one before proceeding to share her take on what love should be like.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has tactfully handled a love-struck fan who aggressively pursued her before taking to social media to complain that the media personality was not warming up to him even after shooting his shot.

Korir Png’eno Lennie took to social media penning what appeared to be a protest letter to the diva who he noted seemed unbothered by his quest.

“Dear Betty, Don’t think I’m saying this lightly, I’m burning inside. You already noticed that I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend but you seem to be unbothered. Everybody knows that I’m determined to make your world big. Let’s settle this today. Do you love me not…” Korir wrote in one of Betty’s post, hoping for a favourable response.

His efforts yielded a response from the mother of one who tactfully handled him by asking why his love sounded aggressive and more like a threat rather than being gentle and kind as love is supposed to be.


“Korir Png’eno Lennie weeeeuh. This is a first. Why does this love sound aggressive? Isn’t love supposed to be gentle and kind? Nimekuogopa so I’ll just pass,” Betty Kyallo responded.

In March 2023, the mother of one confirmed that she is dating, adding that this time round she has opted to keep things private when asked to reveal the identity of his mystery lover.

"There is this new boyfriend in your life but you have not shown him anywhere why?" Jalang'o asked Betty.


"I feel like this time I want to do it differently nataka sana tu just date on the down low because naonaga hii kitu ya kuweka wasee vitu mingi online sometimes zina kacurse kidogo so I want to put uko chini mbaka sasa tuamue tuoane nini nini," Betty explained.

The media personality opened up on her experience during a recent interview with Dr King'ori of NTV, stated that she had gone through a lot while dating, and that those experiences taught her valuable lessons.

She also mentioned that she gave some of her exes a difficult time, adding that different people teach you different things.

"Different people teach you different lessons. One comes with anew angle that you have never seen, another one follows the coming week just like that but then you heal," Betty said.


Betty was previously married to Dennis Okari and has one daughter fathered by the journalist.


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