Betty Kyallo’s emotional letter to health workers in the front-line of fighting COVID-19

You are our everyday heroes and heroines- Betty

Betty Kyallo’s emotional letter to health workers in the front-line of fighting COVID-19

Celebrated Media Personality Betty Kyallo has penned down an appreciation letter to all Health workers in the front-line of fighting Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In her letter the K24 news anchor remember how Health workers played a big role in saving the life of her daughter Ivanna who was hospitalized for almost 4 months last year.

Ms Kyallo saluted the health workers for their sacrifices and unwavering efforts to ensure those affected by the novel Coronavirus are accorded the necessary treatment and care.

Appreciating all Health Workers

“Appreciating ALL the #HEALTHWORKERS who are our everyday heroes and heroines!❤️ This is a VERY SPECIAL #Tbt on the day @ivannatheentertainer was leaving hospital after 4 months admission. She's pictured with one of the most loveliest Caring person I know. NURSE JUDY who loved Ivanna so much she would come to see her even on her off days. She treated Ivanna like her own baby and was so supportive to me as a mother going through hell. Even after we left hospital she continued coming home to visit Ivanna and following her progress.😭😭😭 @mom_teiyan I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. May God Bless you and your lovely family.

To ALL #HealthWorkers at Nairobi Hospital who took care of Ivanna when she was admitted I appreciate you so so so much. May you all live long and healthy. May your families be blessed. Thank you for your sacrifice and your unwavering efforts. Ivanna says hi! We shall bring a cake after Corona❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️PS. @ivannatheentertainer Is fully healed. God is GREAT! Tag a #HealthWorker” reads Betty Kyallo’s letter.

Daughters Illness

Towards the end of last year, Ms Kyallo opened up on her daughter’s illness that saw her hospitalized and stay in the ICU for a whole month after being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease.

“What this means is that one day my beautiful four-year-old daughter stopped walking, soon stopped talking, soon stopped eating soon was so drowsy couldn’t keep her eyes open and thereafter went into a deep coma that she had to be taken to ICU and put on life support for a whole month,” Read part of Betty’ post.

After almost 4 months of hospitalization, her daughter recovered her mobility, vocal ability and other cognitive abilities that she had lost.

"I was depressed, cried silently sometimes hoping God would see my tears. I always feared going to the ward or ICU because I wasn't sure what function she would lose the next day or hour. Thankfully God saw my tears. She's even bolder, more confident, talks too much, more intelligent and it’s nothing short of a miracle. God has truly come through for me and my family in big way. That's why I couldn't fail to Glorify Him through this post. I saw my blessing and miracle," Shared Betty.

Betty Kyallo's post


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