Man gets slammed after saying 'Lupita is too dark for me'

“Tax bracket fam…navigate within your tax bracket!” One Twitter user wrote.

“ Tbh Lupita Nyong'o is just too dark for me. Girl can never be my girlfriend.” Read the unfortunate tweet from @Oaiitse.

As expected, the clap back was swift and brutal from Twitter users who reminded him that  the 'Black Panther' actress was not even an option for him since they are on different lanes and tax brackets

Here are some reactions to the offensive tweet:

Goal Digger@Manlikechisom: You can't even date the mistakes she made over the years

BlowTorch Da KushMan@BlowTorchK: I guess you need to get ur eyes checked, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. And I guess it takes real black African men to appreciate a real African woman.

Your Queeeeen Tooooo Beeeee @TheKewlChicc: Her imperial beauty is untouched.... and I’m not even into chicks. Cuzz is a fool talking about her beautiful melanated skin.

Silent Noise @Thedreamcarver: Leave this man. He's a Chihuahua barking in the midst of a thousand thunders. He will be forgotten very soon.

Tholwana borethe @Nkele_2910: Does she even know you exist?

Tatenda Katsumbe: Tax bracket fam..navigate within your tax bracket!

K @bk_browne: You're right that she can never be your girlfriend cos you're not even a blip on her radar. She doesn't know you exist.


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