Betty Kyallo's brother opens up about battling mental illness and depression

Betty Kyallo has sent out a touching message after her brother...

In addition, he has also directed XYZ’s sister show ‘Ogas at the Top’ and ‘Rush’ starring Janet Mbugua, shows which have been AMVCA nominated.

But away from his success, Brian revealed that he has been battling mental illness and depression.

3 years ago he was diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 and though it’s not as severe as Bipolar Type 1 he has been going through the motions that come with the illness. A disease that has affected the lives of many creatives like platinum-selling recording artist Demi Lovato, British comedian Russell Brand and Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain who took his own life on 5 April 1994.

Speaking to The Standard Brian said “I have bipolar 2 disorder so it never gets to the point of suicide or self-harm. I just go through periods where I am so low, a period where every day is a bad day, and no matter how much alcohol you take it does not give you a high. In fact, nothing you do or take can get rid of the dark clouds in your life; you are trapped in a depressive state. Imagine having continuous bad days that will just not let up no matter what you do.

Then when you are on a manic stage you feel like you can conquer the world, and during this stage, I can even do three days straight of no sleep and in the past, I would be doing two or three projects at ago and somehow manage.”

Lucky for him, his family has been very supportive especially Betty who would take him for check ups even when she was going through her own problems.

" I have been dealing with depression as a result of bipolar for the last three years. Betty was always there for me even despite the fact that she was also going through her own struggles. She would go for check-ups with me and walked with me every step of the way. "

To manage the condition Brian has been taking some medication that has reduced the severity and number of episodes of depression and mania. The meds have enabled him to have some normalcy in his life and he has been able to date once again after taking a break to 'understand his condition and find balance in his life'

After his story, Betty forever the supportive sister sent out this message to him:

Bro, I'm so proud of you for coming out and telling your inspiring story. May you impact lives and families dealing with what you went through. I'm happy that you have gone through the fire and came out stronger with so much zeal for life. Love you to pieces.


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