Bridget Achieng shares first photo of her Nigerian baby daddy

He asked her to terminate her pregnancy at 3 months.

Bridget during her maternity shoot (purpleapplestudio)

Bridget Achieng has shared the first photo of her Nigerian baby daddy who she accused of abandoning her at 3 months.

Speaking in a video addressed to her baby daddy, Bridget had revealed that her baby daddy skipped town when she was just three months pregnant and he has never contacted her ever since despite their beautiful relationship before the pregnancy.

“I got abandoned with the pregnancy at three months old. Since my baby daddy left, I have never set my eyes on him and he has never contacted me,” Bridget disclosed. Before walking out on her, the guy had asked her to terminate the pregnancy.

“When you asked me to terminate my pregnancy when I was three months pregnant I was all alone, disturbed and depressed. I don’t know what made you go away, I don’t know what made you run away. I kept looking at myself in the mirror and asking ‘am I ugly?’ ” a distraught Bridget said addressing her baby daddy in a video.

We can now finally put a face to her baby daddy who is known simply as ‘Opeyemii’ after Bridget shared a photo of the man alongside their son.

No beef

Although a lot of fans have expressed hate for the Nigerian bloke after his story came to light, Bridget has no beef with the man and she even named her son after him.

“I have given him Opeyemii because that is his father’s native name. I know many people will ask why you gave him the baby daddy’s name, but you know what he is a boy and he will have to go to his roots someday. Like I said my baby will know everything I will teach him everything I will not coat anything,” she disclosed.


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