Bridget Achieng worried over new developments in her pregnancy

It’s crazy - Bridget.

Bridget Achieng (purpleapplestudio)

Nairobi Diaries’ star Bridget Achieng recently revealed that she was worried about new developments in her pregnancy.

In an Instagram Live video, she disclosed that her unborn baby Sekani was getting too big and was already at a whopping 3.5 Kgs as she edged close to the due date.

She asked mums on her live video to give her tips on delivering the baby.

“He is already 3.5Kgs so I don’t what I’m pushing with. Mothers are you there? Tell me how to deliver this baby he is already 3.5 Kgs. Anakula! Mashavu ziko kubwa. It’s crazy,” she said.

In the same video, Bridget and Janet Mwaluda finally put a stop to claims about Nairobi Diaries’ demise. Janet who produces Nairobi Diaries and Bridget were shooting an episode ahead of season 9.

“We are shooting tunarudi on air soon,” Bridget said and Mwaluda affirmed her statement by saying “Tena sooner than you think in Jesus name.”

Off Air

Nairobi Dairies kept fans glued to their screens for 8 seasons before it suddenly went off the air.

No explanations were brought forth as to why the show no longer aired and so people started speculating. Some claimed that K24 decided to do away with it as the producers wanted more cash, others alleged that Nairobi Dairies was moving to a new station while others claimed that the cost of production had become too high.

Claims that the cost of production was unsustainable came months after Janet Mwaluda one of the producers confessed that it cost an arm and a leg to produce the show. “It costs a lot. It costs an arm and a leg. About 450-500 thousand. And you can never predict the costs. It’s variable and can easily change,” she told Parents Magazine.

Thankfully, the rumours have finally been put to rest by the Instagram Live.


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