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Carol Katrue details how money received from Ruto was spent, slams critics

Miracle Baby's treatment had taken a promising turn after President William Ruto’s intervention before allegations of neglect by well-wishers surfaced

File image of Peter Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue

Peter Miracle Baby’s wife, Carol Katrue has given a breakdown of how they used money given to them by President William Ruto.

Carol revealed that he pestered the President on calls and texts, stating that she told him to send money with the cash in question.

In a bid to silence singer KRG the Don’s claims that the couple has a sense of entitlement, Carol noted that she utilized the money prudently.

Earlier this week, KRG took issues with the couple, accusing them of exploiting Kenyans’ generosity through frequent fundraisers at a time when most are struggling financially.


"I am the one who texted the President for him to send people to bring the cash. I pleaded with him a lot and disturbed him with calls.

"We did not send any application for him to be sick. I cannot receive funds and misuse them. They did not specify how I should use the money." Carol stated.

Breakdown of how the money was used

President William Ruto gave the couple Sh300,000 which was presented by former Starehe MP, Jaguar who was accompanied by Chipukeezy, musicians KRG the Don, Gabu, and Weezdom.

"They said 'Tumia na mambo ya hapa nyumbani' which is what I did. I used part of the cash to pay rent as I was not working.


“Did they give me the cash half-heartedly or why do they want to know everything I did with cash." She added.

Part of the money (Sh10,000) was given to journalists who covered the event.

Miracle Baby's treatment had taken a promising turn when former MP Charles Njagua Kanyi, popularly known as Jaguar, was reportedly dispatched by President Ruto to facilitate Miracle Baby's transfer to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) for specialized treatment.


Allegations of neglect

Allegations of neglect by well-wishers surfaced after Carol reached out to social media personality Bernice Saroni.

According to Saroni, the assistance that was supposed to ensure the singer's recovery has fallen short of expectations.

"Carol Katrue reached out to me last night and she was very stressed. She told me Peter doesn't have an ostomy bag, and they don't have money to get one," Saroni revealed.

Miracle Baby spent several weeks in hospital with the hospital bill accumulating to millions as his family appealed for financial assistance.


After spending weeks in hospital with the bill running into millions and with the public intervening, Miracle Baby was still left with a bill of Sh1.4 million that needed to be cleared before he could walk out of hospital.

Comedian-turned philanthropist Eric Omondi intervened and cleared the bill, earning praises.


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