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10 Kenyan celebrity couples who mastered the art of festive family portraits

Festive elegance: 10 Kenyan celebrity couples who nailed the Christmas family photo challenge

Amber ray, fiancé Kennedy Rapudo and their kids

As the Christmas season unfolds, Kenyan celebrities have embraced the spirit of togetherness, sharing heartwarming moments with their families.

From coordinated outfits to vibrant Christmas pajamas, these celebrity couples have taken the lead in the family Christmas photo challenge, creating a visual spectacle of festive joy.

Here are 10 Kenyan celebrity couples who have won the hearts of fans with their delightful Christmas photos in 2023.


Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo painted a beautiful picture of blended family togetherness in a series of striking Christmas portraits.

The couple, surrounded by their respective children, showcased coordinated outfits and shared heartwarming moments. Fans praised them for setting the bar high in the celebrity family Christmas photo challenge.

Nana Owiti, fondly known as 'Queen wa Maluku,' and her husband King Kaka, along with their children, dazzled in red pajamas and Christmas hats.


The family's festive photos radiated warmth and joy, capturing the essence of a royal Christmas celebration.

Size 8 and DJ MO chose a unique approach to their Christmas attire, opting for white and black shorts and T-shirts.

The couple, accompanied by their son, stood out from the usual Christmas pajama trend, making a stylish statement in their unconventional yet chic outfits.


Rev Lucy Natasha and her partner Caramel celebrated the holiday season in matching Christmas outfits, exuding love and joy.

The couple's vibrant attire and heartwarming messages to fans showcased their commitment to spreading positivity and creating wonderful memories.


Marya Okoth and YY Comedian, accompanied by their bundle of joy Circle, stole the spotlight with their coordinated red, green, and white Christmas outfits.

The young couple radiated happiness, capturing the magic of the season with their cheerful and festive ensembles.


Actor Lenana Kariba and his sweetheart Hellen, joined by their daughter Ava, opted for matching white T-shirts paired with cute multicolored Christmas pajamas.

The trio posed from a special location, sharing glimpses of their intimate and joyful Christmas celebration.

Milly Chebby and Terence Creative, along with their daughter, embraced the Christmas spirit with multicolored Christmas pajamas.


The bubbly couple shared several lovely pictures standing next to the Christmas tree, radiating love and festive cheer.

Dorea Chege and Dibul, despite rumored splits, pulled off a festive celebration in cute matching multicolored Christmas pajamas.

The lovebirds showcased their commitment to rekindling Christmas magic, posing next to their beautifully adorned Christmas tree.


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