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12 Kenyan celebs who've managed to conceal their children's faces for years

12 Kenyan celebs who've managed to conceal their children's faced for years

From left: Avril, Risper Faith, Kambua, Amani & Zia Bett Nyamari

In the age of social media, where sharing personal moments has become the norm, some Kenyan celebrities choose to keep their children's faces away from the public eye.

Despite being in the spotlight themselves, these celebrities prioritize their children's privacy and opt not to reveal their faces on social media platforms.

Let's take a closer look at 12 Kenyan celebs who have decided to shield their children from public scrutiny.


Renowned Gospel singer Kambua has two children but has never shown their faces on social media.

While she shares glimpses of their family moments, she deliberately keeps her children's faces hidden from the public eye.

Singer Nyashinski and his wife Zia Nyamari are parents to two children.


Despite being active on social media, they have chosen to maintain their children's privacy, only sharing aspects of their lives as musicians and entrepreneurs.

Lifestyle and motivational coach Muthoni wa Mukiri welcomed a son with her husband Isaac but has chosen not to showcase him on social media.

While she occasionally shares insights into her married life, she respects her son's privacy by keeping his face hidden.


Juliani and his wife Lilian Nganga share a son named Utheri. While they celebrate their son's milestones, they prefer to use emojis to block his face in photos shared on social media, respecting his privacy.


Singer Avril has a son with her rumored baby daddy J Blessing.

Despite being a public figure, she has defended her decision not to show her son's face, expressing her desire for him to have a choice about being in the limelight when he comes of age.

Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda has welcomed two children but has kept their details away from the public eye.


Instead, she focuses on her work for her peace foundation and her political responsibilities.

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri surprised her fans by sharing the first-ever photo of her son, but she did not reveal his face.

She remains private about her child and only occasionally shares glimpses of their life.


Gospel musician Evelyne Wanjiru and her husband Agundabweni Akweyu welcomed their son after 10 years of marriage.

While they occasionally post about him, they have chosen not to reveal his face to the public.


The gospel singer, Amani, has given birth to a child, whose gender remains undisclosed.

In an interview, she emphasised the importance of keeping her family life private and away from the public eye.


Mother of one, Risper Faith, opts not to expose her son to social media due to cyberbullying fears.

She shares limited glimpses of him, ensuring his privacy and protection from online scrutiny.


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