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Akothee adopts 30 kindergarten children a week after her graduation

Additionally, the mothers of these children have been given employment opportunities to empower them economically.


Celebrated musician Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has fulfilled her promise made over a year ago by officially launching Akothee Academy's kindergarten on December 13 and adopting 30 children into the academy.

The academy is set to admit children below the age of five, marking a significant step in Akothee's commitment to education and community development.

The mother of five expressed her excitement about the project, stating that the kindergarten classes (PP1 and PP2) are a heartfelt gift to her community.

Akothee envisions the academy expanding to primary and junior secondary levels in the near future, contributing to the educational landscape of the region.


In a social media announcement, Akothee shared her motivation behind the initiative.

"Recognising the need for a safe space for children under 5, I aim to provide mothers with a place where they can entrust their kids while pursuing livelihoods.

"Our commitment is to nurture, educate, entertain, and instil qualities that foster brilliant children with high self-esteem and character development," she wrote.


The kindergarten is located in Rakwaro Kanyawendo, where Akothee has built her retirement home. The artist highlighted the importance of creating a safe environment for young children and emphasised her dedication to supporting mothers in the community.

Akothee's philanthropic efforts extend beyond education, as she announced the adoption of 30 children from vulnerable families under the Akothee Foundation sponsorship programs. Additionally, the mothers of these children have been given employment opportunities to empower them economically.

"I Esther Akoth Kokeyo, the CEO of Akothee Foundation, have equally adopted 30 pupils from vulnerable families under Akothee Foundation sponsorship programs. And equally given the mothers a chance to work and earn their daily bread as they watch over their children," Akothee shared.


The kindergarten launch comes in the backdrop of her graduation where she acquired a degree in business management.

The singer explained how she invested in others' education, only to be met with ingratitude as some claimed superiority over her.


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