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Akothee lists 10 things separated couples should do to maintain peace

According to the mother of five, separated couples can concentrate on the positive side and keep the peace.


The self-proclaimed president of single mothers, Akothee, has advised couples on the most important things to help them keep peace in case of separation.

According to the mother of five, 21st-century couples have become notorious for using kids to disturb one partner after a separation or disagreement.


Akothee says that using children as bait to frustrate an ex-partner is the beginning of the worst days for the children and the mother.

"It's becoming a global pandemic where once couples separate; one will try to use the child to distract the other one's peace. It's not even the child they want, nor the upkeep.

"It's called the selfish spirit of the unknown, where you think your partner is happy without you and never want them to move on. With this kind of spirit, you will ruin your children's lives and your own," Akothee wrote on Instagram.


The businesswoman has insisted that no matter how ugly it gets between the two of you, try at all means to keep the children out of the drama.

"It hurts that we are ruining our children's lives by raising bitter generations, and the next generations are inheriting it.

"Children are not part of your disagreements. Your love, infatuation, commitments and fun moments are gone. Stop being a burden to each other, let everyone find peace elsewhere," She said.

The 'Sweet Love' hitmaker has suggested a list of 10 things a separated couple can apply to ensure smooth and peaceful co-parenting.

  1. Avoid unnecessary demands.
  2. Take care of your children without demanding support if you can afford it
  3. Agree on terms of visitations.
  4. Tell him / Her you are not interested and not ready for any drama or negative discussions.
  5. Limit your communication and attachments to friends you commonly share; they carry gossip.
  6. Don't stalk him/her on social media.
  7. Block anyone bringing information from both ends.
  8. Allow children access to their parents unless it's getting ugly
  9. Talk only positive things about your partner around your children, or don't mention them.
  10. Let them find out by themselves that daddy/ mommy isn't supporting them, don't be the transmitter.

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