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Akothee opens up on her kids being accused of being in Illuminati because she drove a big black car

To all single parents, listen to your children-Akothee


Singer Akothee has for the first time opened up on how her kids were accused of being members of Illuminati, just because she visited them in a big, black car, full of food stuff

In a long post on Instagram, the mother of five said that when her daughters were in primary school, teachers and students judged them because of their background, as she called on parents to listen to their children when they say that they don’t like anything.

The Abebo singer narrated how her youngest daughter was the most affected, and she had to change schools every other time, because she couldn’t handle the pressure.


Akothee mentioned that at one school, her daughter fancy was named Illuminati, and other students were even cautioned from eating from her box.

Akothee called on media personalities and teachers to be cautious of how they handle families, because they never know what people go through, behind the scenes.

She added that cyberbullying is devilish and unacceptable.

Here’s Akothee’s post;


To all single mothers/parents, listen to your children. If a child tells you she doesn't like a certain school or environment, please take note of what she is saying, she could be Receiving pressure from school mates, teachers etc. When my kids were still in primary school, some teachers judged them based on their family background, some fellow students accused them of illuminati because their mother came to school with a big black car full of foodstuffs and what they heard their parents discuss at home or read on media 🙏🏻 my last born @fancy_makadia is a quite girl who can't handle pressure , she is fragile based on the fact that my marriage was dissolved when she was hardly ,5 this left a heavy impact on her , I visited several schools to find what her heart required 🤷, she would not say anything but her performance kept deteriorating, I then discussed with My PAPA Oyoo who was the only man that saw me through hell with my kids, we then took her out of ULANDA GIRLS where fellow students and other teachers named her Illuminati and even told other students not to eat from her lunch box🙏🏻. It's sad as parents ruining our own children's lives by breaking up and not taking charge of walking them through divorce or breakup Most children raised in a broken family/domestic violent families are very fragile.

As a grown up teacher, media personality, be careful on what and how you handle families. You never know what families are going through 🙏🏻you could be a reason of many suicides going on with teenagers right now. Cyber bullying is devilish and unacceptable

If you feel threatened in anyway as a teenager pleased call 116. I am a product of cyber bullying and I know what impact it has brought to my family. Protect your family like you would protect your heart 🙏🏻. @fancy_makadia has changed schools from

1. Early Learner's (still married to her father )


2. Mary joy academy Mombasa (alone)

3. Bahari parents Mombasa (Alone)

4. Utawala academy Nairobi (Alone)

5. ULANDA Girls Migori (alone)

6. Lights academy Mombasa (alone)


7. Braeburn Mombasa International (alone)

It must have taken time for her to forgive but she is cool now 💪💪


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