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Alex Chamwada's ex-security guard graduates as a journalist following in his footsteps

Isaya Bwabi was Alex Chamwada's former security guard at Chams Media offices before he approached him with the interest to pursue journalism

Isaya Bwabi during his graduation at the Kenya Insitute of Mass Communication (KIMC) Eldoret Campus

Renowned Kenyan journalist and Chams Media founder, Alex Chamwada, is celebrating the graduation of his former security guard, Bwabi Isaya, from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) in Eldoret.

In a social media post on Thursday, December 14, Chamwada commended Isaya's resilience, reminding his followers that Isaya initially served as his security guard at Chams Media.

Despite his initial role, Isaya developed an interest in Chamwada's journalistic work and eventually transitioned to working behind the camera.

Chamwada played a pivotal role in mentoring Isaya, guiding him through the journey of pursuing journalism at KIMC.


Chamwada expressed his joy at Isaya's achievement, noting his pride in seeing one of his mentees among the graduands at the 3rd graduation ceremony of KIMC Eldoret campus.

"Glad one of my mentees Bwabi Isaya is among the graduands being awarded certificates today at the 3rd graduation ceremony of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) Eldoret campus.

The ceremony, graced by ICT CS Eliud Owalo, honoured Bwabi Isaya, originally a security guard from Bungoma County in Nairobi, who made the transformative leap into journalism with the support of Chams Media.

The accomplished videographer, now a key member of the Chams Media team, expressed his gratitude towards Chamwada for the mentorship and shared images of his graduation ceremony.


Isaya credited Chamwada for introducing him to the world of photojournalism and thanked everyone who contributed to his career growth.

"Thanks a lot, Alex Chamwada, and everyone who has contributed to the discovery and growth of my career as a photojournalist.

"I thank God for His grace and favor, transforming my life to this level, with a special mention to the CEO of Chams Media. Thank you so much," Isaya stated.

Remarkably, Isaya is currently on a journey with Chamwada, travelling the world to tell untold stories through their work at Chams Media.


In a previous episode on Chams Media's YouTube channel, Bwabi revealed how he decided to take a chance and share his aspirations with the legendary journalist.

"I used to work for a certain company as a guard which is where I met Alex Chamwada and shared my interest with him of becoming a journalist though it took time because I had to constantly remind him what I wanted to do," Bwabi said.

Chamwada, recognizing Bwabi's determination, took a bold step and provided him with the opportunity he had been yearning for.

Bwabi was enrolled at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC), although he was unsure whether Chamwada would be able to cover the hefty school fees.


Today, Bwabi has transformed his life and passion into a career as a videographer, photographer, and editor.


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