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Amber Ray in tight spot after son questioned lavish bash for 3-month-old Africanah

Amber Ray's son suggested that the party might have been more about Amber Ray's enjoyment with friends than celebrating Africanah.

Amber Ray

Socialite Amber Ray found herself in a tight spot after her son Gavin suggested that she orchestrated an extravagant party for her daughter Africanah Rapudo with ulterior motives.

In a video shared on Amber Ray's Instagram stories on August 14, Gavin questioned whether the party might have been more for his mom's enjoyment than his newborn sister.

In the video clip, Gavin humorously expressed his confusion as to why his mother was dancing with her friends while the birthday girl, Africanah Rapudo, was nowhere to be seen.


He revealed that Africanah had been sleeping when her party was on, implying that the soirée might have been an excuse for Amber Ray to have fun with her friends.

"It’s your birthday. It's only for grown-ups. The baby herself is sleeping and you guys are dancing without her. So sad. You guys are dancing without the birthday girl.

"You made it up so you can have fun with your friends. The only excuse you could use is my daughter’s third-month birthday," Gavin said.


In response to Gavin's accusation, Amber Ray defended her actions by emphasising the importance of celebrating every milestone, regardless of its magnitude.

She explained that she had been waiting for such an event for a long time and felt it was only right to make the most of it, even if Africanah was asleep during the festivities.


Amber Ray, along with her partner Kennedy Rapudo, celebrated their daughter Africanah Rapudo's three-month milestone with grandeur on August 13.

The couple transformed their home into a vibrant and festive space, adorned with colorful decorations to mark the occasion.

The lavish party was attended by close friends and relatives, creating a lively atmosphere for the celebration.


Notably present at the event was Phoina Tosha, a renowned hairstylist. Adding to the celebratory spirit were also Kennedy Rapudo’s friends.

Attendees were treated to a visually stunning scene, as the duo shared videos on their Instagram Stories, capturing the moments of joy and festivity.


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