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Amber Ray narrates irritating encounter with 2 girls after stepping out with Rapudo

Amber Ray shared a frustrating encounter she had with 2 girls while she was enjoying her time with fiancé Kennedy Rapudo

Amber Ray

Businesswoman Faith Makau, popularly known as Amber Ray, found herself in an irritated situation during a recent outing with her fiancé, Kennedy Rapudo.

In a series of videos shared on her Instagram stories on July 24, Amber narrated how two waitresses approached her table and demanded tips, leaving her feeling offended and uncomfortable.

"I went to a place and when i was enjoying myself some two girls came wakanisalimia, and they were like Amber tupe tip.

"Mind you these guys were not even serving me. So I just told them off sawa baadae. First sikua na cash because my hubby alikuwa ameenda washroom," Amber said.


Tipping is a customary practice where a customer gives extra cash to appreciate the person who has served them, usually in addition to the bill.

The request for a tip from the waitresses left Amber feeling offended, as she strongly believes that tipping should be earned through exceptional service.


The mother of two expressed her preference for tipping based on the quality of the service provided rather than an obligatory 10% of the bill.

Amber emphasized that she has no issue with rewarding good service with a generous tip, but being asked for one without any prior service was inappropriate.

"I was so offended. I don't like someone asking me for tips. Just do your service and kama service yako imenibamba I will definitely tip you. I know mtu anfaa kutip 10 percent of what they have spent but I don't mind giving you more. Just pleases take care of me," she said.


Even after Rapudo returned to the table, the waitresses continued to hover nearby, making her uncomfortable.

Despite Amber's attempts to discourage the waitresses, they returned after approximately 30 minutes, still adamant about being tipped.

"The went and came back again after I think 30 minutes. Alafu wanasimama hapo kama polisi. I was like do you guys realise its not a must for me to give you a tip. It's something that you just need to earn," she said.


To her surprise, they even sent another lady, a fellow client, to try to convince her to give them a tip.

"Even after they saw me ignoring them, they decide to send another lady that was sitted hapo karibu na meza yangu. And this is a client wanamtuma. It's so wrong," she said.

Amber Ray viewed this as an inappropriate tactic and felt that the waitresses were crossing boundaries.


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