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Azawi speaks about inspiration behind her music & working with Konshens

Despite having collaborated with some of the world's greatest artists, Azawi still harbors dreams of collaborating with Burna Boy.

Azawi (left) and Muthoni of Pulse Kenya

Songwriter and musician Aziwa, in her Pulse Celeb 254 interview with Pulse Kenya, shared the story of how disconnection from her true self led to a period where music felt dull and unfulfilling.

Aziwa recognised that even when writing her own music, she felt a sense of being lost. It became clear to her that her music needed to be a reflection of her past experiences.

She believed that by sharing her personal story, her audience would connect with her content and potentially learn valuable lessons from her journey.


This shift in her creative approach allowed her to rekindle the depth and authenticity in her music.

"So when I realised that, I went back. When you look at the album Sankofa, every song on there is inspired by a memory of an event that happened in my life," Aziwa said.

She further elaborated that the themes of her songs revolve around her love life, encompassing the mistakes, pain, and heartbreak that she has experienced. These trials helped her gain a deeper understanding of the type of love she desired.

Aziwa emphasised that the love she yearned for needed to make her feel rejuvenated and uplifted.

Additionally, she shared insights about one of her songs, inspired by her environment and upbringing.


Azawi recounted that her mother ran a restaurant, which was surrounded by bars. Growing up in that setting, she observed how people behaved after consuming alcohol and the activities that took place in those bars.

Azawi revealed that many of her friends initially expected her to pursue a career in Dancehall music, but she took a different path.

She used to perform covers of songs by Konshens, and when she decided to focus on music, she even did a freestyle of one of Konshens' tracks. This connection with his music made it easier for her to reach out to him.


She explained that Konshens noticed her appreciation for his work, which facilitated their conversation.

Despite having collaborated with artists like Sauti Sol and Konshens, Azawi believes there are still numerous prominent musicians she would like to work with.

She expressed a strong desire to collaborate with Burna Boy, as she admires how he has elevated the music industry to new heights.


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