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Margaret Wanjiru's Biography: Education, politics, divorce & land saga

From humble beginnings as a household worker to a toilet cleaner, a street hawker, and eventually emerging as a successful preacher and politician worth millions, here is the remarkable story of Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

The recent demolition of Margaret Wanjiru's Jesus Is Alive Ministries Church has stirred significant attention across social media platforms, thrusting the prominent religious figure into the spotlight once again.

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, in an emotional interview with media outlets, recounted the distressing experience of witnessing her church being demolished by unknown individuals.

Located along the Haile Selassie Highway, the Jesus Is Alive Ministries Church was the center of a dispute over the land it occupied.



Bishop Wanjiru expressed suspicions that the demolition might have been politically motivated, highlighting the confiscation of phones during the incident.

Margaret Wanjiru's journey traces back to her humble beginnings in Nairobi, where she grew up in poverty with her single mother.

Raised in the servant's quarters, young Margaret faced economic hardship but remained determined to pursue an education.


Despite becoming a mother before completing high school, she persevered through odd jobs to support herself and her child.

Facing eviction after a second pregnancy, Margaret found herself hawking earrings on the streets until a chance encounter led to a cleaning job.

Through dedication and hard work, she gradually climbed the corporate ladder, eventually becoming a sales and marketing executive.


In 2007, Margaret Wanjiru transitioned into politics, successfully vying for the Starehe Member of Parliament seat.

She later served as an assistant Minister for housing in 2018 before venturing into the Nairobi gubernatorial race that she lost to Mike Sonko.


Margaret Wanjiru was previously married to the late James Kamangu Ndimu. Following their separation, she found love again and was set to marry a South African pastor in 2007.

However, legal proceedings intervened, preventing the union from taking place.

Margret has three children. Her eldest son, Steven Kariuki, followed in her footsteps and entered the political arena.


Margaret's spiritual journey began after a transformative encounter with Christianity. Despite initial rejection from a church, she eventually found salvation and embarked on a mission to preach the Gospel.

Facing numerous challenges, including clashes with authorities, Margaret remained steadfast in her faith and eventually established the Jesus Is Alive Ministries (JIAM), a thriving ministry with branches across Kenya and beyond.

Margaret Wanjiru's life has not been devoid of controversy. In 2007, legal disputes marred her intended marriage to a South African pastor.


Additionally, allegations of fraudulent land allocation surfaced during her tenure at the lands ministry.

Margaret also faced arrest in 2017 after reportedly causing chaos at a polling station during nominations.


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