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Last-minute job offer that saved Bonnie Musambi from taking his life

Former KBC presenter Bonnie Musambi fled from home with intentions of ending his life in Embu County but fate had a different plan in store for him: a job opportunity that led to significant career advancements, eventually landing him a position where he earned Sh360K per week.

Bonnie Musambi

Former KBC radio presenter, Bonnie Musambi, recently shared his remarkable journey, highlighting the challenges he faced on his path to becoming a prominent journalist.

During an interview on Radio47, Musambi revealed that he encountered resistance from his family when he expressed his desire to pursue a career in media.

Despite facing opposition, he remained resolute in his pursuit, even resorting to contemplating suicide after his family objected to his ambitions of studying media and marrying the woman he loved.


Musambi's journey took a turn when he fled his rural home in Kitui County to Embu, seeking solace and contemplating his next steps.

"Katika harakati ya kutia bidii nisomess media wazazi wangu walikataa kainsist niwe mwalimu. Walikataa kunipeleka college. Nilikuwa kiongozi wa Parise and worship kanisani na katika kazi zangu hapa na pale nikakutana na mrembo mmoja pale kanisani nikataka nimuoe. Nikaamza kumtune lakini nilipofika nyumbani baba akakataa siwezi kumuoa," he said.

It was during this challenging period that he found unexpected relief and opportunities. He landed odd jobs, including cleaning toilets and working as a waiter, to sustain himself.


Eventually, he became the choir director at Embu County Mixed Secondary School, showcasing his talent and determination to succeed.

"So now I gave up because walinikataza kusoma media na sasa kuoa yule mrembo. Nikaamua I will commit suicide. Nikatoroka home nikaenda Embu, coz ilikuwa mbali mtu hangeweza kupata mwili wangu," he said.

Despite the initial setbacks, Musambi's resilience and hard work paid off. He utilised the earnings from his various jobs to fund his education at The Mombasa Polytechnic, where he pursued his passion for media.


His journey in the media industry began at KBC in 2008, initially as an artist before securing a permanent position in the radio department.

During his tenure at KBC, Musambi's career soared as he hosted prominent shows like the 'Zinga' show and collaborated with BBC on the 'Sema Kenya' show, where he earned a substantial income.

His dedication and contributions to the media industry did not go unnoticed, culminating in his appointment as the Director of Coordination at the State House under the office of the Spokesperson by President William Ruto in March 2023.

Editor's Note: Help is available, your life is valuable and you are not alone. Should you or a loved one be struggling, don't hesitate to reach out to:-

  • Befrienders Kenya suicide prevention hotline +254 722 178 177
  • Niskize suicide prevention helpline 0900 620 800 or +254 718 227 440.
  • Mindful Kenya Therapy on USSD code *702*30#

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