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Brandy Maina explains why she won't collaborate this year

Brandy says she has always done her best when working on collaborations

Singer and dancer Brandy Maina

Singer and dancer Brandy Maina has had to clarify a statement she made on Twitter today, stating that she won't be doing any collaborations or interviews this year, except with a few musicians to whom she gave an exception in her statement.

Brandy, who along with Vic West, Fathermoh, Savara, and Thee Exit Band, produced the hit song 'Kuna Kuna' in November 2022, claimed that those who are upset about what she said are not artists.

"I can tell the people who are upset about my tweet are not artists because they don't understand the back end of it. There is a time for everything. I've been doing collaborations for a while now, and I really haven't taken the time to work on my solo project.


If I do a song with you, I'll push it to the best of my ability, and that takes time, money, and effort that I think I need to preserve for my EP for the rest of the year," Brandy wrote.

Brandy outlined in her first tweet that she is only open to collaborating with Nyashinski, Fathermoh, and Femi One.

"Unless it's Nyash, Kinoti, Watendawili, Femi, or Fathermoh, I'm not doing any more collaborations this year. Leave me out of interviews as well," Brandy tweeted.


Brandy Maina broke into the limelight in 2022 after releasing the acoustic song 'Kubali,' which grabbed people's attention.

In January, Brandy opened up about female artists in Kenya, saying they don't have the best interests at heart for upcoming artists.

“When I start doing media tours, I must talk the truth about the women in this industry who’ve made it so hard for other women like me to come up. I must!" Brandy explained.

Brandy added that her life hasn't changed that much apart from being keen on the destinations that she visits since many people now know her.


“So many people are around you; wanting to be close to you, some feigning friendship. You have to be able to discern who is true and who isn’t.

"This is why I am always very aware of my surrounding and the people I allow into my life and space. Another thing is almost everyone recognizes me now, I can’t just go anywhere without people noticing,” Brandy said.

The singer has however urged her fans not to miss any of her performances because she always delivers.


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