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Why fans suspect Breeder LW is dating Maandy

Maandy dating rumours re-ignited after Breeder shows off bae on IG

Kenyan rapper Breeder LW has sparked dating rumours as fans speculate a relationship with fellow rapper Maandy

Rapper Breeder LW has sparked dating rumours after posting a photo with woman fans suspect he is in a relationship with.

The 'Ni Kubaya' rapper posted the photo on Monday, wishing his Instagram followers a "Happy New Year", setting it to the tune of his 2021 song 'Hey Miss'.

The lyrics "we can fall in love" and the general love theme of the song convinced fans that Breeder was announcing that he's taken.

Breeder made a point of hiding the woman's identity on the photo, however, hawk-eyed fans quickly noted that her dress bore a lot of similarities with one rapper Maandy had worn in photos posted on her birthday.


Maandy celebrated her birthday on Sunday, January 1, sharing a series of videos and photos of the celebrations with her fans online.

A lilac dress she had worn in the photos is said to be the same one as the one the woman in Breeder's photo had worn.

"I think that lady is Maandy because that's the dress she was wearing yesterday on her birthday... If you zoom closely to the prints on the dress you'll realise that they are the same only that the picture is in black and white," a fan suggested.


In October 2021, Maandy denied dating rumors involving Breeder LW in a Q&A engagement session with her fans.

At the time, Maandy responded: "No. But the way you guys keep asking ni kama mnaona kitu hatuoni (it's as if you can see something that we aren't seeing)," she went on to tag Breeder in her reply with the invitation: "Would you like a test drive tuone kama itaweza (to see if it will work)?"

The rappers have featured in at least 10 songs together with their latest collaboration having been in 'Nakulola' off Breeder's EP, Vibes & Ting, which was released on December 2, 2022.


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