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Wakavinye offers to help Butita look for a wife

Butita says they should not go to Ukambani for a wife since his Jaguar can't get there

Eddie Butita (left) and Wakavinye

Comedian Eddie Butita, accompanied by Celestine Ndinda, also known as Wakavinye, revealed their pursuit of finding a wife for him while driving around.

In a video shared on his Instagram page on August 2, Butita playfully mentioned that Wakavinye was assisting him in the search for a wife, hence the reason she was chauffeuring him in his Jaguar.

"Cele amesema tunatembea kila mahali. Nimesema nisipelekwe Ukambani, Jaguar haiwezi enda Ukambani.


"[Cele (Wakavinye) says that we are going everywhere. I have asked not to be taken to Ukambani since my Jaguar can't go there]," Butita said.

As Butita mentioned his request not to be taken to Ukambani, Wakavinye burst into laughter, confirming their mission of finding a potential wife and conducting dowry negotiations that day.

As their conversation flowed during the drive, Butita playfully asked Wakavinye about her experience driving a Jaguar, to which she likened the ride to an airplane.

Continuing, Butita humorously expressed that the woman they were seeking would either drive the car or enjoy the passenger seat with her legs comfortably resting on the dashboard.


Amid laughter, Wakavinye remarked on the enjoyable lifestyle Butita was envisioning, noting that it seemed enticing. She also revealed that spotting a Jaguar on Kenyan roads was a rarity in her experience.

Butita informed her that such cars are a rare sight on the roads due to the limited number of wealthy individuals who can afford them.

Njugush commented that Wakavinye would finish with Butita and go to the real car.


On April 10, Butita grabbed attention as he hopped onto a chopper bound for Akothee's wedding, accompanied by Sadia Said.

However, wildfire-like rumors soon circulated, suggesting a romantic involvement between him and Sadia. These claims were promptly refuted by Butita on May 10, during an interview with Ankali Ray.

He clarified that their relationship was solely professional, emphasizing their status as business partners.


His statement followed shortly after Sadia had shared a video online with another man. Butita emphasized her right to do so.

Butita also disclosed that his inbox was flooded with messages from ladies, but he asserted that he would introduce his girlfriend when the timing is right.


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