Cheap publicity stunt- Fans in disbelieve as KRG The Don recovers Hacked Channel

I'm sorry but this looks so unrealistic- Fan to KRG

KRG The Don

Musician KRG the Don of Fast Cash Music Group has managed to recover his hacked YouTube Channel that has a total of 80K subscribers.

In an update, KRG said that his account had been hacked by a Tanzanian, who was later apprehended by police officers in Tanzania.

“Shukran sana Jeshi la polisi ya Tanzania 🙏🙏

Shukran Sana Jeshi la polisi ya Tanzania kwa ujasusi wenu na ushirikiano wenu mwema na manager wangu Bwana Shabaha. @ankoshabaha_babanayla Yani mungu akubariki sana🙏🙏🙏 we now have our youtube channel [Krgthedon Tv] back after tracing down this culprit!!”

“I wish I was there myself yani angekula kichapo cha mbwa 🤣🤣🤣 Iwefunzo kwa wenzako wenye tabia hizi za kifala!!! Nobody should ever...... I repeat Nobody should ever mess with Bughaaa again!!!!!!!! HipHipHip Hure 🚨🚨🚨🚨 I gat ma youtube back #BirthMark is on again” shared KRG the Don.

Clout Chasing

However, many of his fans and followers found it hard to believe KRG’s narration. A section argued that the star was pulling a publicity stunt on them in order to promote his new album dubbed Birth Mark. Others pointed out that the guy in his videos doesn't even look like a hacker.

Another thing that makes his allegations untrue is that his channel was hacked days after landing in Kenya from Tanzania.

Comments of “Clout Chasing” could been seen repeatedly on his posts, as he failed to convince his fans that indeed he had been hacked.

From the onset, KRG made it look like he fully knew the person he was accusing of hacking his account, an act that made his allegations doubtful.

On Wednesday, he even hinted that he account was almost back and true to his word, the channel was recovered on Thursday. Smell a rat?

“It always gets too dark when it’s almost daybreak!!!

#BirthMark The Album is out everywhere || About to recover the youtube channel” said KRG on Wednesday.

Reactions form Fans

ashavinnjoki😂😂😂😂 clout ya udu😂😂😂

brasho._ “Hi inakaa script😂😂😂😂😂😂😂wacha kutupima😂😂clout is real”

jojiporgy_streetdrummer “Hahahahahaha LIES”

ybn_.slime._ “Wa tz hawaezi geuziana 😂😂bughaa unatupima bana”

galinacarolinaEti kapewa elfu kumi😂😂😂😂”

swappy_gianne “Clout is real”

mjukuu_wa_sheikh “Kikiii...pia script hatujui kuchoraaa...tupewe location tufanye uchunguzi”

zebraajamesKama unatafuta views za watanzania . Remix album yote na kiswahili . Ikue full kisuzi . Hii ukora haiwesmeke”

wicky254_ “Kwani Askari wa Tanzania wanakaa hivi ,usitushobokee bro”

yhang_breezy “ACHA "CLOUT YA LAZIMA @krgthedon.. kama nyimbo zako hazi hit #" KALALE😂😂"!”

i_am_yullyI'm sorry but this looks so unrealistic!!!”

oncherry_baba_imani “Sasa huyo ndio hacker??? GTFOH😂😂😂😂”

mosey_don “Ingefaa ufanye clout na hushpapi 👏..uko chini bratha😂😂”

toshimpressive “Sijaona polisi hapo broh.....punguza kasheshe”

muhaisinmails “Surely....ata hacker anaeza kaa ivi??? Even the environment??? @krgthedon tafta kiki na umaarufu ..kwa njia ingne bro, sisi sio watoto..nkt”

eng_lenard_mware “You people really don't know how to act. This is so scripted”

chefgjoe “Clout just looks fake the way wanambiga its staged😂😂😂😂”


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