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Stephen Letoo explains decision for separate honeymoon destinations with wife

Why Citizen TV's Stephen Letoo has opted out of a traditional honeymoon with his wife

Stephen Letoo

Citizen TV journalist Stephen Letoo has left fans surprised with his unconventional approach to honeymoon plans, declaring that he and his bride-to-be will not be embarking on the traditional post-wedding getaway together.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Letoo shared his perspective on honeymoon plans, stating that it is not in their nature to follow the typical route of going to the same destination with his wife.

Instead, Letoo proposed a novel idea: each partner would choose their honeymoon destination independently.


Letoo expressed his intention to let his bride decide where she wants to go, while he also selects his destination.

He emphasised that the essence of a honeymoon is to relax and unwind after the stress of wedding planning, rather than feeling pressured to conceive a child abroad.

"I told the chief guest wa hiyo siku achague ni wapi anataka kwenda. Mimi' I'll go my own honeymoon na yeye ataenda yake. Honeymoon is supposed to be to shed off the sweat that you've gotten through very rigorous planning. Siyo kwenda kussumbuana kutafuta mtoto abroad," he said.


For Letoo, the honeymoon is a time for individual rejuvenation and relaxation. He highlighted his intention to choose his destination based on personal preference, whether it's a serene retreat in the Maasai Mara or an adventure in Dubai.

Similarly, he expressed support for his wife's decision, even if she opts to travel with friends to a different destination.

"Mimi ntachagua yangu kama ntaenda Masaai Mara ntaenda na yeye atachagua hata kama ni dubai ataenda na marafiki zake," he said.


Letoo emphasised the importance of embracing one's way of resting after marriage, rather than adhering to societal expectations.

He emphasised that the couple's unconventional approach to honeymoon plans is a reflection of their commitment to personal autonomy and self-care.

"A honeymoon is not supposed to go with the person you have married. It is supposed to be you who is married and who has been married to go and rest in your way of resting. Hapo ndio sasa tunaenda kusengenya wenye wameolewa na wenye event. Na yeye pis aende huko anisengenye," he said.

Despite the unconventional honeymoon announcement, Letoo's upcoming wedding promises to be a memorable and grand affair.


Set for April 20th at the iconic Ole Ntimama Stadium in Narok County, the event is expected to attract prominent guests, including colleagues from the media industry.

Letoo has already extended a warm invitation to Kenyans, sharing a wedding poster that captures the spirit of celebration.


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