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Khaleed Abdul: 'Classmates' star turned down Sh1.2m deal on account of his faith

Khaleed Abdul is popularly known for his role Farah in the KBC TV series, 'Classmates'

Classmates actor Khaleed Abdul 'Farah'

Khaleed Abdul, known for playing Farah in the KBC TV series 'Classmates', has shown commitment to his Muslim faith.

In an interview with a local media house on July 25, the talented actor revealed that he turned down a lucrative brand ambassadorial offer worth Sh1.2 million from a liquor company.

His principled stand reflects his dedication to endorsing products that align with the values of his community and the Islam religion.


Despite the substantial financial opportunity presented by the liquor company, Khaleed Abdul made the brave decision to prioritise his beliefs and convictions above personal gain.

Citing his religion's strong stance against the consumption of alcohol, the actor firmly declined the offer, sending a powerful message about the importance of adhering to one's faith even in the face of tempting opportunities.

"I recently turned down a Sh1.2 million brand ambassadorial deal with a liquor company. They wanted to use my image and voice in promoting their products, but I refused because my religion strongly condemns this," Khaleed explained.


Khaleed's decision to decline the liquor deal showcases his deep respect for the values and teachings of his religion.

In another personal revelation, Khaleed shared a cautionary tale about his online dating experience, warning others against potential pitfalls.

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He narrated how he sent Sh20,000 to a lady he met on Facebook, intending to support her travel plans. Unfortunately, the lady didn't show up, leading him to reconsider his approach to online relationships.

"My online dating ended, and I can't allow myself to be a victim again. I learnt the hard way. I met a lady on Facebook, and we fell in love. She was from Kisumu, and I needed to facilitate her travels."

"I sent her Sh16,000 so that she could book her flight and keep the rest. She was to travel the following day, but as soon as I sent her money, she changed her tune and asked me to give her two more days," he shared in a previous candid Facebook post.

As a result of his own experience, Khaleed urges others to exercise caution and prudence when engaging in online relationships, emphasizing the need to be mindful of potential scams and protect oneself from dishonest intentions.


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