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Chipukeezy admitted to the hospital, Itumbi gives updates

Little known details about comedian Chipukeezy's health condition & admission to a Nairobi hospital


Popular comedian Chipukeezy, whose real name is Vincent Mwasia Mutua, has been admitted to Nairobi West Hospital, according to an announcement made by Dennis Itumbi on July 26.

Speaking to local media houses at the location, Itumbi revealed that Chipukeezy was admitted to the hospital on July 25 at 3:00 PM.

During the media briefing, Itumbi shared that Chipukeezy's progress has been excellent and brilliant so far.


He praised the hospital and medical team at the Nairobi West Hospital for their remarkable work in attending to the comedian's health.

"Chipukeezy was admitted yesterday at around 3:00PM. The progress as i have said earlier is brilliant, superb. Very well done job by the hospital and the medical team here at nairobi West hospital,' Itumbi said.

Itumbi shared the close bond he shares with Chipukeezy, stating that they have been friends since the comedian began his comedy career.


He highlighted their collaboration on various projects, including supporting Chipukeezy's school project and working together on harambee initiatives to improve the school.

Beyond their joint philanthropic efforts, they are also part of a group that empowers young people in politics.

"Chipukeezy since he started his comedy has been my friend. He's invited me to his school project. We have done harambee's there we've built the school together. Beyond that we also run a group for empowerment of young people in politics," he said.


Itumbi revealed that Eddie Butita, another well-known comedian, had visited Chipukeezy at the hospital the day before the announcement.

As news spreads about Chipukeezy's admission, Itumbi anticipates that many others will come to offer their support.

He assured the public that they would keep everyone informed about Chipukeezy's condition and progress.


"We were with Eddie Butita here yesterday, and am sure now that this information is going out a lot of people will be coming here, and we we'll keep you updated," he said.

As news of Chipukeezy's hospitalization spreads, fans and well-wishers have already started sending their prayers and positive thoughts for his speedy recovery.


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