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Why marrying at the peak of your career is a mistake - Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen says he wishes he got married before his breakthrough in music

Gospel singer Daddy Owen

When it comes to finding love and building a successful career, many people believe that timing is everything.

While some individuals choose to prioritize their careers over their personal lives, others find themselves struggling to balance both.

Gospel singer Daddy Owen is one such person who has recently reflected on his life choices and the impact they have had on his career and personal life.

In a candid interview with former radio host Shaffie Weru, the musician shared some personal insights into his failed marriage, his decision to get married at the peak of his career, and his current approach to dating.


Daddy Owen said getting married at the peak of one's career could be detrimental adding that he wished he did not get married before he became famous.

“I think I got married very late, I wish I got married before the fame. That way I would grow into the fame. Getting married at the peak of your career is a different story,” he said.

Reports of Daddy Owen's marriage breaking emerged in 2020 before the two officially parted ways in 2020.


Reasons why the two parted ways are still unclear with Daddy Owen promising to reveal the truth soon.

“Kenyans do not really know the real story but one day I will sit here and tell you exactly what happened,” he said.

On plans of remarrying, Daddy Owen made it clear that he hasn't given up on love and will wed again when the time is right and with the right person.


However, he is in no rush as he notes that first off he needs to do lots of internal work to bring out the best version of himself.

“It is more of now who you are. One of those things I decided is that I will go and work on myself and change one thing here and there and after that, other things will flow,” revealed the artist.

Owen has also not been active musically with few releases in the recent year.


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