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Gospel ministry is inspired by the Holy Spirit - Daddy Owen responds to Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi accused Daddy Owen of neglecting his call and God-given talent, even after winning numerous awards as a gospel singer.

Kenyan musician Daddy Owen

Gospel artist Owen Mwatia, known as Daddy Owen, has responded to Eric Omondi's trending video criticising the gospel industry in Kenya.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, the singer noted that the Holy Spirit inspires most gospel singers to write songs noting that it's easier for them to write, perform or record songs with the inspiration.

“I’m not going to make any excuses, I appreciate the positive criticism and Eric Omondi for his declaration to the gospel industry.

"At the same time, we need to understand that Gospel ministry is mostly inspired by the Holy Spirit,” Daddy Owen said.


The singer has expressed his disappointment in Eric for dragging the names of some struggling artists who are not in a position to help the industry.

According to Owen, some artists are going through tough times and struggling with life issues. It is therefore, hard for them to record music amidst all the traumas they are facing.

"Some of the guys mentioned are going through Suff.. there are people who have lost their loved ones, people who have lost essential things in their life.


"It's tough for them to go out to the studio to write a song or even go anywhere and perform or do anything concerning the gospel industry," Daddy Owen said.

In a video posted on Sunday, the comedian accused gospel artists, including Daddy Owen of neglecting their call and focusing on things that are not uplifting the gospel industry.

Omondi put on the spot numerous artists who he said would not prosper unless they turned back to the gospel, which he said was their calling.


"Where is Daddy Owen, Jimmy Gait, Mercy Masika, Alice Kamande, Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Bahati, the gospel music industry was the identity of Kenyan music and they have all fallen. The gospel music industry has failed us,” Eric Omondi said.

He added: “You have left the ministry, you have left God, you have left the church, you will never prosper, the failure of Kenya as a nation is upon you. You are now trending for gonorrhoea scandals, I want to give you a message from God that whatever you touch whatever you do will not prosper until you turn to God."

Daddy Owen has acknowledged that some artists are not working like they used to.

"For real, some of us need to go back to the studio. We need to work like we used to and produce more gospel music," he said.


He has urged the ministers to get up and work to uplift God's ministry and the gospel industry in Kenya.


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