Daddy Owen revisits ex-wife's scandal in candid interview

I remember when it happened I found myself on social media and everyone was talking about me - Daddy Owen.

Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui

Kenya gospel musician Daddy Owen has given an update on his separation from his ex-wife Farida and how he has been coping since the story hit the interwebs early this year.

Speaking in an interview with Churchill Show, he said he is not afraid of speaking about the situation but was now focusing on getting better and moving on.

I remember when it happened I found myself on social media and everyone was talking about me. Have you ever trended by extension? There are times you know you’ve done something which is going to bring trouble but I was trending by extension because I had not done anything wrong,” he stated.

These are challenges that people face and what matters is how you are facing the challenges, how you are dealing with them and how you walk out of them,” he added.

He said that having overcome many other challenges in his life from growing up in the village and getting kicked out by his father helped him deal with the situation.

He disclosed that prior to the news about his ex-wife’s new marriage, he had gone through depression.

Before this story happened I was in depression for a very long time and it was really tough,” he added.

He said that as a celebrity, it was hard to open up about what he was going through because people thought his life was rosy.

To this day, Daddy Owen still wears his wedding ring despite going through a divorce after his former spouse remarried.

The tunnel was getting darker and darker and by the time everything happened, I was like ‘Owen wake up, you’ve been through a lot and if you don’t do something about it we are going to lose you’,” he said.

The Shilingi ya Kenya hitmaker is also working on his new album which he revealed is set tp be released soon.

Getting chased from home

During the interview, Daddy Owen revealed that he was chased from his home together with his brother Rufftone.

Their father did not understand how profitable the music industry was and at the time, the two brothers were getting home late after performing at clubs.

Their father thought that time had come for them to fend for themselves and thus he played a wildlife documentary showing how young cheetahs gain independence from their parents and sent them off.


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