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Delano FX reveals tricks that made him a millionaire in forex trading

Delano FX says he was scammed Sh50K in 2020

Delano FX

There is undeniable pressure among the youth to achieve rapid wealth, leading many to venture into forex trading with hopes of becoming millionaires.

Unfortunately, this pursuit often ends in disappointment, as scammers prey upon them, promising to trade on their behalf and resulting in significant financial losses.

During a conversation with Presenter Ali, Delano FX, a Kenyan youth, shared his journey in trading, acknowledging the numerous obstacles he encountered along the way.


Despite these challenges, Delano FX managed to find success in the field, highlighting the importance of perseverance and resilience.

According to Delano, he ventured into trading in 2020 and unfortunately fell victim to scammers who promised him Sh5K if he began trading, resulting in a loss of Sh50K.

Nevertheless, Delano did not let this setback deter him. He resolved to educate himself on the intricacies of trading and dedicated himself to learning the necessary rules and strategies, which he accomplished by mid-2021.

Delano expressed that despite encountering losses along his journey, he remained consistent in his pursuit and, importantly, he embraced failure as a learning opportunity.


When addressing the issue of scamming in trading, Delano emphasized that red flags arise when someone requests money from you to trade on your behalf.

Delano further advised that, prior to engaging in trading, it is important to seek out an experienced trader and create a genuine trading account.

Additionally, one should consider finding a reputable broker who can provide guidance through educational classes, enabling a better understanding of executing tasks effectively.


To ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate broker and to prevent falling victim to scams, Delano emphasized the importance of making phone calls or video calls to verify their authenticity.

Delano dismissed the notion that forex trading is a quick path to riches. He emphasized that there have been instances where he experienced significant losses, highlighting the fact that knowledge plays a crucial role in successful trading.

Just like any other investment, you can lose a lot of money while trading.


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