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Alikiba, Diamond lock horns while trying to prove their dominance in music

Diamond says he doesn't need interviews to promote his songs

Diamond Platnumz [left] and Ali Kiba

Bongo Flava stars Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba engaged in a subtle exchange of jabs after both artists released their songs simultaneously.

Diamond initiated the exchange by taking to Instagram to announce that his song with Juma Jux was trending at number one.

He proudly mentioned that he achieved this feat without conducting any interviews or organising promotional events.


He further added that while other artists rely on hype to promote their music, he did not need such tactics.

Diamond hinted that something significant was in the works, suggesting that fans could anticipate even bigger things from him.

By making those statements, Diamond indirectly directed his comments towards Alikiba, who had recently collaborated with Marioo for their song 'Sumu,' released on July 14.

In contrast to Diamond's claim of not conducting interviews or engaging in promotional activities, both Alikiba and Marioo actively participated in various interviews to generate buzz around their song.


Alikiba felt compelled to address the situation. He confidently stated that the party would continue, implying that he was not deterred by Diamond's remarks and was determined to forge ahead with his own successful career.

“Maparty mafululu kama asemavyo bwana mdogo Kwevo, yanaendelea baadae pale Elements.

"[My younger brother talked about parties and we will continue at Elements]," Alikiba wrote.


Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz recently issued a warning to his fellow artists through his Instagram account, stating that he will be making a comeback to singing in July 2023, coinciding with his mother's birthday month.

Diamond stated that people should expect collaborations from him starting next month, and he confidently declared that he will trend at number one until January 2024.

After that period, he intends to pass the mantle to his Wasafi signees, whom he holds in high regard and respects greatly.

He went on to mention that his detractors claimed he was finished musically and incapable of coming up with compelling lyrics.


This led some other artists to boast about themselves, despite not being on his level.

However, Diamond Platnumz surprised those same artists when he performed in other countries, showcasing his talent in stadiums filled with fellow artists.


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