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DJ Mo’s response to fans asking him to leave the Camera home when helping the needy

DJ MO claps back

Daddy Owen, Sylvia Mulinge and DJ Mo

Gospel Disk Jockey DJ MO shutdown a fan who tried to lecture him on the importance of leaving the Camera home when helping the needy in our society.

A fans lashed out at the former NTV DJ, stating that he should not be taking pictures when helping others.

However, Mo sought to clarify that he usually documents his charity events with the aim of inspiring those who are also willing to give.

“Camera Mwenye anataka Kuwacha ni shida yake, some of Us we document so anyone else who wanna help can always know where to donate too” explained DJ Mo.


The gospel DJ made the comment after donating TV and bed linens to children with disabilities, alongside Daddy Owen and Safaricom Chief Customer Officer Sylvia Mulinge.

“Just from donating TVs and bed linens for the wards at @curekenya hospital for children who are born with disabilities … With @sylmulinge @daddyowen @safaricomplc_

Check out my insta stories for more info ….” Shared DJ Mo.

On the other hand, Daddy Owen mentioned that he decided to celebrate his Birthday with some donations to the needy.


“During my birthday early ths year I decided to celebrate it at @curekenya and I promised together with @safaricomplc_ to donate TV sets for entertainment at the wards and bed linens. Yesterday we delivered! I started MALAIKA FOUNDATION 2012 and since then we have been helping persons living with disabilities and children born with disabilities. Together we can transform the society. Thank you @sylmulinge for the support always.

Days after the charity event, Daddy Owen and DJ Mo linked up again with Sylvia Mulinge for her routine workout sessions.


“I have never been a huge fan of Crossfit but @sylmulinge has been insisting that I join her in one of her early morning sessions since I love working out, today at 3:53am together with @djmokenya we joined her and it was an amazing experience, thank you coach @coachwilson254 . She was right, I was wrong 🏃🏿” shared Daddy Owen.


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