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How YouTube 'millions' landed DJ Shiti in trouble

Shiti says people think that YouTube generates a lot of money for him

DJ Shiti

During an interview on the Iko Nini podcast, YouTuber and comedian DJ Shiti discussed the misconception that people think he makes millions from his YouTube account.

This perception has had an impact on his life, as there are people who approach Shiti, sharing their numerous problems in the hope of receiving assistance.

Shiti jokingly inquired about how he is expected to contact their landlords when individuals come to him asking for rent money.


He added that many people are living a lie, thinking that YouTube pays well, and he advised others to seize opportunities instead of openly discussing their problems during interviews.

Shiti continued by stating that if he were making a lot of money, he would be living a lavish lifestyle in Miami and would only visit Kenya to shoot his content.

Apart from people asking for money, DJ Shiti shared that he used to give opportunities to people to act in his videos, but he ended up being disappointed by their behavior.

He explained that some individuals would come to the set solely to incite others, while others would come with the intention of pursuing romantic relationships instead of focusing on the work.


DJ Shiti made the decision to stop employing people solely based on friendship and instead opted for professionalism in order to foster growth in the industry.

DJ Shiti also discussed how artists often face online backlash for being authentic or making minor typos in their online content.


He recounted an incident where an artist was heavily criticized for not speaking perfect American English, despite securing an ambassadorial position with a phone company.

Shiti also shared his own experience of being trolled for a typo in his content, even though he was confident in his understanding and delivery of the content.

He playfully joked that there are individuals out there who harbor bitterness and actively seek out mistakes in others just to point them out.


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