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DJ Soxxy shows how Chicken Pox has affected his face

In a video shared on Ciku wa Soxxy's Instastories, DJ Soxxy can be seen moving around in the house as he recovers

DJ Soxxy

Gospel DJ Jackson Kamau, popularly known as DJ Soxxy, has recently made headlines by revealing his battle with chickenpox, a condition that is often associated with children.

Despite his age, the popular media personality, shared his experience with chickenpox on social media, surprising many of his fans.

DJ Soxxy acknowledged his condition, expressing his gratitude to friends and well-wishers for their support during his illness.

"Man, chickenpox, nichekeni tu kabisa, ati chickenpox ni ugonjwa ya watoto na saa hii ndio inakushika... I feel so lousy, fevers and all.


"But anyways, thank you so much to everyone who has been wishing me well. Napona tu pole pole," DJ Soxy said.

In a video shared on Instastories, DJ Soxxy can be seen sipping chicken soup, prepared by his wife, who encourages him to drink it for a quicker recovery.

The photos and videos he posted online revealed the telltale signs of chickenpox on his face, with inflamed spots, red rashes, and fluid-filled blisters, typical of the disease. Chickenpox rashes can be extremely itchy and worsen if scratched.


Chickenpox is caused by the varicella-zoster virus and is highly contagious. It spreads easily to those who haven't had the disease or the chickenpox vaccine.

Although chickenpox has become less common due to vaccination, it remains contagious and can spread through contact with an infected person, inhalation of air-carrying virus particles from a sneeze or cough, and contact with fluids from the eyes, nose, or mouth of an infected individual.


Chickenpox is known to spread rapidly through direct contact with an infected person or through respiratory droplets from coughing or sneezing.

Additionally, coming into contact with fluids from the eyes, nose, or mouth of an infected individual can also facilitate the transmission of the virus.

In adults, chickenpox can lead to symptoms like body aches, fatigue, cough, fever, and a sore throat.


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