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Pastor Ng'ang'a: Stay away from my church if you're a degree holder

If you possess a degree, Pastor Ng'ang'a's Neno Evangelism Church is not a place for you!

Pastor James Ng'ang'a of Neno Evangelism

Controversial Pastor James Ng'ang'a has sparked online debate after advising degree holders to steer clear of his church.

The preacher's stance is captured in a viral video from one of his recent church services.

In the viral TikTok video, shared by Hilary Kipsang on Sunday, Pastor Ng'ang'a expressed a stern warning to individuals with degrees, suggesting that they should seek spiritual guidance elsewhere.


He encouraged them to attend churches where services are brief, implying that managing spiritual matters requires a different approach than that of academia.

"Wale watu wa degree don't come to my church. Kwenda kanisa zenu mkaongee dakika mbili mtoke. Na mnakunywa dawa za pressure. You can't control spiritual matters," Ng'ang'a said.

The pastor emphasised the importance of mutual respect among people, regardless of their educational backgrounds.


"Na wale watu wasomi, please respect one another..." he said.

Pastor Ng'ang'a took the opportunity to share his perspective on how educated individuals have influenced the world negatively, highlighting issues such as homosexuality.


He claimed that learned individuals have played a role in propagating such matters.

"Wale watu wameharibu dunia nzima ni wasomi. Mimi nilitoka na hii injili 1989. Na nikihubiri nyinyi mnaotaka kuniambia sitahubiri mlikua shule mkisomea hizo makaratasi.

"Na usifikiri mimi utanitisha. Muweke mipaka sababu kuna wagang'a na wachawi na mnajua mahali wako... Kuna devil worshippers Nairobi, na mnajua pahali wako na hamjafunga," he said.

In another viral video, Pastor Ng'ang'a laid down a strict policy concerning offerings after anointing.


He declared that those who do not make offerings after receiving anointing would not be welcome back in his church.

The pastor emphasised the importance of financial contributions from the congregation, underlining their significance for the church's sustenance and operations.

During the same service, Pastor Ng'ang'a highlighted an incident involving a follower who had offered him Shs500 for prayers.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, the pastor confronted the individual, emphasizing that such a small offering was inadequate and did not show genuine commitment to their faith.


"Na mwingine jana alinipatia mia tano akaniambia nikumbuke watoto wake, Nikumbuke wajukuu wake, mia tano?" Ng'ang'a inquired.

The preacher's statements come at a time when the Kenyan government is considering regulations aimed at governing religious institutions and practices.


Proposals include requiring pastors to have a primary education in theology. This has ignited debates within the religious community, with varying opinions on the extent to which government should intervene in matters of faith and religious leadership.


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