Vocal singer Betty Bayo has advised women not to dump or leave their husbands just because they can’t perform in bed or they are broke.

Bayo argues that a woman should only part ways with a man when the man in question says so to his wife or partner.

The mother of three went on to state that whenever a woman decides to walk away simply because she has found someone else or just because of peer pressure, the move always attracts more harm.

Singer Betty Bayo
Singer Betty Bayo

Bayo's advice

“Attention!!! TO ALL WOMEN

DON'T leave your man coz he got broke

DON'T leave your man coz you got richer than him.

DON'T leave your man coz he can't perform his duties .in bed

DON'T leave your man coz of Peer pressure .

DON'T leave a man coz his going through shame instead stand with him.

Don't leave a man coz of social media

LEAVE A MAN ONLY when HE TELLS YOU WITH HIS MOUTH TO LEAVE..don't force your self it will cause more harm .. . my sister livuuu obedient is better than sacrifice. ..

Short comment only .am cargoling my cargo #laPresidento wa masingo #mamayao,” shared Betty Bayo.

Recently, the 11th hour hit-maker has been making headlines with her controversial statements on the institution of marriage.

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Singer Betty Bayo
Singer Betty Bayo

Just the other day, she told Size 8 to fight for her marriage at a time her Hubby DJ MO was being accused of cheating. Bayo termed cheating as a minor offense that should not end her marriage.

“Size 8 am soo proud of you ..fight for your marriage cheating is a minor offence.. if I ever get in a marriage worth fighting for I will... On my knees I will fight for it... I'll proof to all of you marriage works... And for those telling me to go back to my past.. don't you think I know the way .. What about if we both agree to disagree...#hinjio ni maku #amsingleonfacebookonly,” said Betty Bayo.