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Dufla Diligon shares hefty demands from TikTokers to take part in challenges

Dufla expressed his frustration with some of the TikTok influencers who he said could even vanish with an artist's money

Musician Dufla Diligon

Kenyan musician Duflan Diligon has shed light on the often complex process that Kenyan artists must navigate when attempting to collaborate with TikTok influencers for dance challenges aimed at promoting their songs.

On his Instagram stories, Diligon voiced his frustration with the hurdles some TikTok influencers pose by demanding substantial payments to participate in these challenges, despite some influencers willingly engaging in similar activities without compensation.

"Some TikTokers wanakatsia, yaani unapata msee amengangana na ngoma za Nigerians TZ, Amapiano and the list goes on. Wamepiga challenges kama zote free!!! We ukimkal anadai budget ya (30k 50k 100k)," he lamented.

Dilgon continued, revealing a disheartening trend among some influencers who, after receiving payment, fail to fulfil their agreed-upon commitments.


Some influencers vanish entirely, while others produce only one video and then go silent.

"Ukishawatumia wengi wanaingia mitini simu hawashiki na akipick eti pole nmekua ulevi, wengine wanafanya video moja na ni ivo!! I really don't understand this," Dufla expressed.

The dynamics of social media platforms as marketing avenues for musicians have become increasingly evident globally.


Artists worldwide have harnessed platforms like TikTok to effectively market their releases. They have devised engaging challenges that encourage users to participate, thereby amplifying the reach of their songs.

In Kenya, one standout example is the song 'Utawezana' by Mejja and Femi One, which achieved remarkable success largely due to TikTok challenges.

This trend even catapulted influencer Azziad Nasenya into the limelight. As more artists recognise the potential of social media spaces, the allure of a broader and cost-effective reach is too enticing to ignore.


Veteran rapper DNA in a previous interview on Pulse Kenya also encouraged upcoming musicians to use TikTok to market their music.

"Do ten TikToks a day and you will blow up, I feel like thats the way," DNA said.


DNA said those still pursuing traditional media to market their music were doing it wrongly. DNA said young upcoming artists had more potential to achieve more than veteran artists did.


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