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Elizabeth Sonia's message to Mr Seed after accusing him of being a deadbeat dad

Sonia said the singer has not seen his son since 2019.

Mr Seed and Elizabeth Sonia

Days after Mr Seed’s baby mama, actress Elizabeth Sonia, threatened to sue him for child support, the Mombasa-based actress has now issued a message to her baby daddy.

The 'Kovu' actress has asked Mr Seed to publicly disown his son if he is unwilling to support the child, complaining that his absence in the boy's life is cruel.

Sonia went on to accuse the ‘Only One’ crooner of favouritism, saying that he treats his wife Nimo and their son Gold better than he treats his son Junior.

“Uchungu Nimo akijifungua aliskia ndio pia mimi niliskia. Unavyompenda Gold, mpende pia Junior. Kama huezi, leo mbele ya watu ukatae uhusiano kesho aje kuwa Diamond Platnumz au Obama watu wakusute wakmwambie ulimruka mwanao mwenyewe hadharani.


"(Nimo and I both experienced the pains of childbirth. You should love Gold and Junior in the same way and if you're not willing to, then disown Junior publicly. He may become the next Diamond Platnumz or Obama and people will remind you that you denied your son in public),” Sonia stated in an interview with Pwani FM on Monday.

Sonia earlier said Mr Seed has not been providing for his son for the last seven years, adding that the last time the singer saw his son was in 2019.

“For the last 7 years I have written such paragraphs and deleted them but I am tired. I want you to help me raise Junior, not send me money like you are doing me a favour and only when I ask or shout. The only upkeep I take from you is school fees and it’s never on time,” she posted on Instagram.


She further revealed that the last amount Mr Seed sent her was Sh5,000 but he requested that she return Sh2,000.

“I have the receipts with me, he sent me Sh5,000 then the following day asked if I could assist him with Sh2,000 saying he and his wife Nimo had no food in the house,” Sonia said.

Mr Seed is yet to publicly respond to the allegations raised by the actress.


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