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Enock Bella reveals promises he made with Mbosso before joining Wasafi

Enock Bella says he struggled after Yamoto Band members parted ways

Enock Bella

During his recent interview, Enock Bella revealed that he and Mbosso made vows at a time when their boy band Yamoto was dissolving, and its members were going their separate ways.

According to Bella, he stated that they had made promises to continue their musical journey together, but unfortunately, things didn't go as planned, and their expectations were not met.

Enock explained that the other members of the crew had already secured sponsorships, whereas he and Mbosso were the only ones still trying to figure out their next moves.


He mentioned that one day Mbosso approached him and hinted that something was in the works, but he didn't provide all the details about what he was expecting.

Enock discovered that Mbosso was in communication with Rayvanny, which eventually led to Mbosso joining Diamond's Wasafi.

Mbosso assured him that he was doing his best to ensure Enock would also secure a place there, but that hasn't happened yet.

When asked if Mbosso betrayed him, Enock simply stated that Mbosso has been supportive and has assisted him with various matters, some of which he cannot disclose.


"Despite joining Wasafi, Mbosso has really helped me. I can't speak ill of my brothers and I pray that God blesses their paths," Enock said.

Enock Bella revealed that things were never the same after the Yamoto crew went their separate ways to pursue their individual dreams.

According to Bella, he recalled an incident when his family was evicted from the house they had rented while the band was still intact.


However, this time, he was unable to do anything about it due to his financial situation.

He even shared his experience of struggling with drug addiction and explained that his life took a turn when he came to Kenya and started engaging in interviews and recording videos.


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