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Baby girl formula: Eric Omondi's advice to Mungai Eve & Trevor on conception

Mungai Eve and her boyfriend, Director Trevor, happily acknowledged that they are the next in line to have a baby.

From left: Eric Omondi & fiancée Lynne, Eve Mungai & boyfriend Director Trevor

Comedian Eric Omondi recently had an interaction with content creator couple Mungai and Trevor,

According to an Instagram video shared by Eric Omondi on July 23, he shared some humorous advice on the 'best' way for couples to conceive a baby girl.

Eric Omondi's advice followed a heartwarming moment when Trevor caught the flower, symbolizing that they are next in line to have a baby.

When asked about their preferences for having a baby, Trevor expressed his desire for a girl, while Eve Mungai wished for twins, a boy, and a girl.


In his witty response, Eric Omondi jokingly advised, "Ukitaka kuhave dem, don't have s*x, make love... naongea kama mtu ako na msichana, make love and you will have a girl."

Both Eve and Trevor caught the joke and enthusiastically embraced Eric Omondi's humorous advice, playfully confirming that they would apply the same because they're the next in line to have a baby.

Not stopping there, Eric Omondi playfully teased that people like Butita don't have babies because they live in Nairobi, humorously suggesting that they should consider going to Mombasa to conceive.


His humour kept the atmosphere light and enjoyable during the interaction.

In response to Omondi's remarks, Butita chimed in, saying that to get a girl like Omondi, all one had to do was participate in the ongoing demonstrations.

His clever comeback added to the comedic banter between the friends, creating a fun and entertaining exchange.


Eric Omondi and his partner Lynne made headlines on July 22 with their unique gender reveal. The couple headed to a scenic waterfall in Thika, where they orchestrated a breathtaking announcement of their baby's gender.

As the water from the waterfall cascaded down, it magically turned a beautiful shade of pink, signifying that the couple is expecting a baby girl.

The creative and enchanting gender reveal captured the hearts of many, showcasing Eric Omondi's flair for bringing joy and excitement to special moments.


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