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Napenda vile umeisema - Eric Omondi excited after Ankali Ray decoded paternity puzzle

Eric Omondi recently said he was getting his first child with his girlfriend Lynn

Eric Omondi and his girlfriend Lynn

Comedian Eric Omondi has spoken about his son with former Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe.

This comes in the wake of Omondi's announcement on June 8, that he is expecting a child with his girlfriend, Lynn. While discussing his impending fatherhood during an interview with Milele FM's Ankali Ray, Omondi candidly expressed his uncertainty regarding the paternity of his first child.

"Huyu ndiye wangu wa kwanza kabisa, Mungu amenibariki huyu ndio wa kwanza. Uyo mwingine kwa kweli sijui, lakini majukumu natekeleza saa zingine.

"[This is actually my very first one, God has blessed me with him, he is the first. About the other one Honestly, I don't know for sure, but I fulfil my responsibilities at times,]" Omondi confessed, hinting at his doubts while acknowledging the responsibilities he has embraced.


Ankali Ray broached the subject of conducting a DNA test to alleviate any lingering doubts once and for all, to which Omondi responded with a burst of excitement, affirming his thoughts.

"Mbona msifanye DNA yaishe? [Why don't you do a DNA test and get done with it ?]" Ankali suggested.

"Basi umesemaa, umeipata, ubarikiwe sana, ndio iyo bro, ushanielewa kabisa, watu wengi wamekuwa wakiogopa kuisema wewe umeisema.


"[Well, you've said it, you've got it. May you be greatly blessed. That's it, bro. You've understood me completely. Many people have been afraid to say it, but you've said it,]" an animated Eric Omondi exclaimed, expressing his agreement with Ankali's suggestion.

Omondi went on to explain the delay in undergoing the paternity test, revealing that he had been willing to take it, but Jacque Maribe had been reluctant.

This issue has persisted over the years, with Omondi stating that he had pleaded with Maribe for seven years to agree to the test.

"For seven years, I have begged Jacque to allow us to have a DNA test, and she has continually refused! I don't mind supporting the child, but if you want me to be fully present and supportive, if you want me to be a father, then we have to do the right thing!" Omondi declared passionately in 2021.


The intensity of this matter reached such heights that it spilt into the public domain, ultimately necessitating the intervention of Simon Kabu.


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