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Eric Omondi raises Sh400K for Mathare protestor hours after securing his release

Omondi secured the release of Victor Juma on Friday, July 21.

Comedian Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi has mobilised his fans and raised Sh400,000 for Victor Juma, the Mathare protestor who was arrested during the anti-government protests.

After paying him a visit, Eric said he would work on getting him out as well as secure him a job. After visiting him, Omondi mobilised his fans who raised monies to help him get back on his feet.

Eric detailed that the money would be spent on his medical expenses, rent and school fees for his child.

"Thank you to everyone who sent anything yesterday. We managed to raise Sh400,000 for Victor Juma and his young family."


"Medical bills for him and his daughter, he will open an exhibition shop for clothes and shoes, his wife will start a small hotel business, rent for one year, school fees for two years for the daughter, I will advertise his businesses for free," Omondi said.

The incident that led to Juma's arrest was particularly concerning as the police officer involved disguised himself as a journalist before apprehending the protestor.

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According to a video released by Africa Uncensored seen by this writer, Juma was shown confronting police officers from a distance.

He claimed that he had been inside his house but decided to come to the streets after his child fainted because of the presence and actions of the uniformed forces.

According to Amnesty International, the Azimio la Umoja protests have already marked people's deaths, with gunshot wounds being the leading cause of fatalities.

Instances of police brutality came under scrutiny, prompting concerns about the safety of demonstrators.


Amid the ongoing public outcry over the high cost of living in Kenya, Eric Omondi has emerged as a prominent advocate for change.

He engaged in discussions with both leaders and citizens, voicing concerns about the burden of living expenses on ordinary Kenyans.


While Eric Omondi has not been physically present at protest sites, his engagement with leaders and citizens has been commendable.


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