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Eric Omondi takes to streets of London as a beggar, raises Sh340K [WATCH]

Eric Omondi's philanthropic mission takes him to London's streets as he begs for Sh340K to aid hungry Kenyans

Eric Omondi begging for money in London

Over the years, comedian Eric Omondi has mastered the art of staying relevant to his fans.

From his witty political banters to insightful economic assessments, Eric knows how to capture his audience's attention. This has even led to some people labeling as the biggest clout chaser.

However, it is his recent foray into philanthropy that has truly put him in the spotlight.

A few days ago, Eric made headlines when he announced he was flying to the UK just for lunch, aiming to prove a point to CS Kuria that he is financially independent and doesn't need anyone's assistance.


But barely three days later, he once again caught everyone's attention, this time for an entirely different reason - he became a beggar on the streets of London.

The intriguing part is that Eric claimed to be doing it for his fellow Kenyans. His mission was to raise funds to buy food, specifically unga, for those who are facing hunger back home.


Additionally, he wanted to support young content creators by providing them with much-needed laptops. It was an unexpected twist that showcased Eric's dedication to helping others.

In a video posted on Instagram, Eric revealed that he managed to raise Sh 340,000 as a beggar on the streets of London.

The footage showed him seated on the pavement with a banner beside him that read, "Please help. Things are bad. Very bad!" He appealed to passing people for their assistance, highlighting the dire circumstances.

"Wakiomba tunaomba...While in the UK I took sometime to Raise some money in the Streets of London to come and support fellow Kenyans juu sasa nikubaya.


"I managed to Raise Ksh 340,000 which I will use to buy Unga for a few Kenyans and Laptops for upcoming Content Creators. (Alafu sasa kuna huyo Mzungu racist)," Eric Omondi wrote.

Eric Omondi travelled to UK for lunch in response to Moses Kuria's comments about sponsoring his trip to the U.S. seven years ago.


In the video, shared on Thursday 8, Eric is seen confidently walking through the airport, proudly showing off his ticket to the United Kingdom.

He declared that he was going to the UK simply to prove a point to Moses Kuria, who had spoken about their past trip. He thanked God for blessing him with this opportunity.


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