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Eric Omondi arrested again at City Stadium [Video]

Eric Omondi says he was only trying to give out maize flour

Eric Omondi has been arrested at City Stadium

Eric Omondi has been arrested again barely nine days after he was released on cash bail from the Mililimani Law Courts.

Eric had gone to the City Stadium to donate maize flour to some Nairobi residents who are struggling to afford a meal every day.

A video that has gone viral online showed Eric Omondi with a packet of maize flour while a police officer was holding his hand as they walked away from the City Stadium's gate.

Eric could be seen talking to the officers before passers-by noticed him and the crowd started forming minute by minute.


Most of the people around the scene had their phones out already and they were recording everything that was happening before their eyes.

As the crowd got bigger, Eric tried to resist his arrest but the police overpowered him however much he tried to free himself.

The crowd started to incite Eric not to board the police car as they forced him into the vehicle with his packet of maize flour.


Eric was forced into the car and it sped off as people still tried to film what had just happened.

Prior to his arrest, Eric was asked why he had been arrested and he stated that he was only trying to donate flour but the police arrested him.

Ever since Eric was released on bail for staging protests in front of the parliament buildings, he took to his Instagram account to notify people that he was going to give out free packets of flour at the stadium on March 1, 2023, which is today.

"This Wednesday we will be at City Stadium giving Free Packets of Unga," wrote Eric.


He went ahead and notified any well-wishers ready to sponsor his initiative to donate maize flour and not money.

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