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Maqbul Mohammed opens up about attempted suicide and depression

His personal life was crumbling despite appearing very successful.


Former Capital FM presenter Maqbul Mohammed has opened up about his attempted suicide in a candid interview with Daily Nation’s Thomas Matiko.

Maqbul, who is famous for his many acting roles in popular shows said that at the peak of his career, his personal life was crumbling despite appearing very successful.

I would wake up in the morning, get in the car, drive to work and park. I’d then turn on the radio, listen to my co-host (Amina Rabar) then turn off the radio and drive back home. By that time my wife had gone to work and I would get in the room and sleep,” he recalled.

When Maqbul eventually got tired of dealing with his depression, he attempted to take his life after imbibing a few drinks at a party in 2015.


I remember going for a party, got drunk and I thought this is the perfect time to end it. I tried taking some pills but it didn’t work,” he explained.

Maqbul was tired of being famous, tired of everything, tired of everyone. “Nobody prepares you for the responsibility that comes with fame, no one tells you about these things. The expectations on me were so much.

I worked from Monday to Saturday. I was dealing with pressure from TV, radio, marriage, children and fans. It was too much to take. It was a difficult point in my life because I couldn't balance all these,” he opened up.

Fortunately the media personality had a boss who offered to help him through counselling and a support system that included his family.


Tough times and joining Capital FM

This was not the first time the actor was facing troubles in his life. The 2007 post election violence disrupted production on the Makutano Junction show which was his only source of income at the time.

It was super difficult, at one point, my child did not have diapers and we had to use a leso instead. Things were really tough,” he recalled.

Actress Nini Wacera was a presenter at Capital FM at the time and after she called him to appear as a guest on her show, the bosses were intrigued by his eloquence and voice on air and decided to offer him a job.


Leaving Capital FM

Maqbul left Capital FM in 2019 after 12 years, during a time when the company was downsizing along with many other former colleagues such as Cess Mutungi, Sharon Mundia and Susamn Wong.

In 2021, he joined Nation Media Group as the Team Lead in Charge of Radio Special Projects and his vision is to revamp it back to its former glory.

Think of all the big names that have been there: Maina Kageni, Sheila Mwanyiga, Munene Nyaga, Rashid Abdallah, Massawe Japanni and the list goes on. The most I can do is get the station back to the level it once was. We are revamping how we do things,” Maqbul said.


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